My skeletal mesh does not generate overlap events

Collision is weird in UE sometimes. If both on overlap isn’t working, you can try setting one to overlap and the other to block.

My skeletal mesh component refuses to generate overlap events and its incredibly frustrating, the helmet should overlap with the other blueprints collision box.
Yes it has a physics asset attached to it, and the capsule component has multi body overlap ticked on.
No matter what i try i can’t get it to fire any overlap events.

Trust me, i tried. did not work.

You need to setup your skeletal mesh’s physics asset and assign to skeletal mesh and enable the overlap events.
To do that

Right click on skeletal mesh

Single Covex Hull well enough to have physics asset drawings. Directly selecting and drawing from skeletal mesh’s edges.


In c++ side you may setup like this :

MeshComp->SetCollisionResponseToChannel(ECC_Pawn, ECR_Overlap);

I know this is a bit of a necro post but I was browsing around answerhub and saw you didn’t report this as resolved.
This might be super obvious but did you actually create an overlap event for the helmet? You have to scroll to the bottom of the skeletal mesh details and click the plus button to create the event in the blueprint graph.

You probably did this but it wasn’t mentioned in the question so I thought I would check.

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