My silly tests whilest learning blueprints

So, while doing a hands-on approach to learning blueprints and eventually the C++ API better, I’ve been doing various test games based on what I learned. Normally, you’d expect something mundane, but I’ve been known to try to apply what I learned, while being pretty random. I’ve made a few folks laugh, while others look at me oddly. Nevertheless, this should be… entertaining

Perspective audio and mesh spinning/hovering:
Materials and triggers:

More to come!


Added pause/resume functionality to audio if anyone’s interested.

PlayTime is a float variable representing the time the audio started playing
PauseTime is a float var. representing the time the audio possibly paused
Final is an AudioComponent reference

I added this code to OnComponentBeginOverlap event for my trigger component:

Then I added this code to the corresponding OnComponentEndOverlap event. I black boxed the node in the top left as it doesn’t concern the audio, to avoid confusion. Disregard “Squee” though. I forgot to cover that as well.: