My SHORT list of things i would like to see improved/fixed

So i have been using UE4 for the past few days and it is a HUGE improvement over UDK and the new pricing model is great for indies

I do however have some things that have been annoying after the switch over which i hope will be addressed in later builds

  • Realtime Global Illumination does not work yet
  • Screen Space Reflections do not work on Translucent materials (at least i havent been able to get them to work) which makes water and glass shaders very lack luster
  • When a material is updated it is replaced with the default material until it is done compiling rather than keeping the cached version until it’s done, makes it harder to iterate

Other than those 3 things i am extremely impressed with the new kit and can’t wait to see what later builds have to offer!

hey Charleston, i think that you topic is a good place to not keep personal wishlist maintained on the top of the forum.

  1. Matinee/blueprint debug is not easy to handle on computers that has no dual monitors screens.

A way to dig :
Eventually split the vertical Axis of the Main Window UI , so we could dock in there , the chamfered type of window/editor , and by the way and improve the work on single monitor computers with matinee and blueprint.

  1. Load the editor, to choose my own project, and then the Editor reboot with my project, this is a long process to load a custom project.

Possible Workaround :
Add a place on the launcher so the final user can choose the project to run from the launcher and prevent to boot the editor Two times !

bump !

I have edited my previous message , to clarify the purpose and to suggest some new one with a clear workaround for Epic.