My Settings-Menu cant remeber the printing

Hello, I made a Pause Menu where everythings is working except the printing for the Graphic (Low, Medium, High, Ultra) I can move it to where i want and change the graphic with it but as soon as i go back to the game and then go back into the settings everythings on LOW (cause i put the Default Value of every of my Index to 0, cause this should be the standard when you first start the game) The funny part is that the actual graphic stays on the Level it should so theres only a problem with the printing.

Heres a video to give you a better view of my problem :) 
Also feel free to tell me if i should give you some more informations about the other parts of my program (if you need it)
And theres also a bug in the blueprint editor (what you can also see in the video): If i want to move around by right clicking it is bugging and i cant move around with every click. Would be nice if you know a solution for that too :slight_smile:

Video:  My Problem - YouTube

ok so first of all you need a way to set those values. so they wont change. bind it to a variable perhaps or just take the value and save it on press of a button [u have to check a video out on how to save stuff using SaveGame Object]

Also Please Give me a Picture of how u are changing the stuff up.

Save/Load Menu Settings - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube What about that one, would that be right?

Cause when i follow this tutorial I’m stuck at 4:26 cause the things hes saving can stick to Cast to SaveOptions and the things i want to save cant. Guess I just made somethings wrong again as Im new to Unreal Engine. ScreenShot:

With the SaveGame creation you Need to do it like in the Picture below:

  1. Create a SaveGame Object with the variables you want to set.
  2. When you want to Load your Options look if a SaveGame exists.
  3. if true load it and if false create a new one
  4. When Saving the Options Set the Variables and Save the Game to Slot