My second project in UE4

Thanks to the community for sharing settings, techniques etc. I have improved. Still some way to go to get where I’d like to be but I’m getting there, so thanks. :smiley: This interior was inspired by the project heartlessphil posted done by Dbox 432 Park.

Watch in HD:

That is very nice! Good use of shadows. I like the use of graphite / marble instead of wood (table) and drywall (the wall). Gives the sharp edges a more natural, and new… look rather than being out of place.

Thanks SaviorNT.

I had reveals in the marble walls but the render engine/animation couldn’t handle them and they flickered from aliasing I guess, kind of a bummer. I’ll have to try it next time with a normal map instead - I had actually built the reveals into the wall models.

One question I have for the community is my projects seem to be a bit soft focused, is there a setting to get a more crisp look?

432 park avenue? :stuck_out_tongue: looks good!

Yep, that was the inspiration! Thanks for posting that thread about the project. :smiley:

keep up the motivation :)…you are nearly there.

This looks fantastic, nice soft shadows and light everywhere. Did you mess with the baselightmass.ini file at all? One small critique would be that some of the sofas look to be floating just a bit, seen at 0:26 in the video especially, on the far chair. This might just be UE’s rendering system or the models, and its really not that noticeable. Otherwise the whole thing looks perfectly real :wink:

Thanks guys!

Yes, I am not getting good contact shadows on the floor for some reason and the lightmap is at 1024. I used the baselightmass.ini settings that were posted in the make lightmass understandable and epic thread. I’m not sure how much it helped? The lighting is an HDRI and a sun along with the table lamps and the one IES down light on the painting.

If the architecture is all 1024, maybe the furniture models are less? I don’t know if you made them yourself or got them from turbosquid or something, but a lot of times they come default set to 64. Just a thought, but like I said earlier the engine can be a little strange at times

nice work RI3DVIZ!
wonder how long is your baking time? in production mode?
I think your floor is too big for 1024. what’s your static lighting level scale setting?

I think the bake time is around 3 or 4 hours, I ran it over night so I’m not positive but my tests were taking a couple of hours. The static lighting is set to .65, 20 bounces, indirect quality 10, smooth 1 and lighting quality medium. These were setiings based upon tests I saw in the make lightmass epic thread.

I’ll bump up the floor and run another one tonight. One question on Lightmap settings can you use any multiple of 64 or do I need to double the 1024 to 2048?

I’ll be super happy when Lightmaps go away and there’s a better solution.


You can always check via light map density visualizer. If it’s blue, then you may (or may not) need to increase the lightmap size (green color is the optimal result).

Personally, I wouldn’t use light map size bigger than 1024. In some cases you may need to use 1024 or 2048 for small objects to get “high quality” look. Generally I’m using a minimum of 256 for small objects (books, vases, lamps, etc). For cloth-type objects (especially folded or wrinkled) I use 1024 to get rid of light map artifacts.

Here’s the density, thanks for that info. The floor looks a bit pale green so maybe that’s it?

Lightmap density is very subjective is depend how your do the UVs layout for the lightmap.
For the shadow contact try set the static lighting scale to 0.2 t should have a good shadow contact naturally :slight_smile:

^ Okay I will try that, not sure my machine will be able to bake it but I’ll let it run over night.

Try don’t over use higher resolution for unnecessary.
look at my lightmap examples below I dont use higher resolution to make the density turn red. even quite low res the density it already turns red.

^ Okay thanks. I usually don’t go over 512 on furniture and walls but the floor usually I set to 1024 because I haven’t been getting good contact shadows.

If I remember correctly, object shown in pale green color (gray-ish?) means you need to rebuild the light map for that object.

edit: this wiki could help you with your contact shadow problem

I rebuilt the entire scene over night so I don’t think that’s correct. The floor and ceiling are both from the supplied UE4 user content library, they are just cubes scaled up. It’s possible as was mentioned they’re too big and need to be sliced up in to quarters.

Make sure they’re not BSP!!! quality won’t be as good as a static mesh with high res. The ‘‘gray-ish’’ color isn’t normal…shouldn’t be that way right after a light build I think.

Are you sure they’re not set to movable by accident?

If not, if the floor and ceiling are boxes, just remake them as simple planes and you’ll have 1 clean well laid out lightmap!