My second Blender/UDK Movie. Kingdom of Xandir.

Hi !

I would like to show you my work with Blender/UDK and Pinnacle.
I would be greatful on comments to improve.

:smiley: well this needs heavy improvement.
Seamless Textures more, detailed meshes and not so laggy.
Just use UE4 ^^

Your camera is on tracks, And it feels very mechanical the way it is moving. Especially when it pauses to turn.

I’m watching this and there is nothing for my eyes to focus on in the beginning with the rock cliffs.
I would suggest things like tree’s moss or whatever on the sides of cliffs, nests or hell even a wrecked pirates ship. Guide the viewers eyes and give them something to focus on. Even if it is just some splotches of color contrast. Put in some flying birds. Just something. You do a good job setting the mood with the music and the scene has potential. Use it to foreshadow some story

when you have water drop splashes, make sure the drops that caused them are viable. Cheat if you have to and add a light so something catches a reflection of the drop.

More shadow in the cave. That would be almost a good place to try out some lighting solution that looks more like it came from a flame. But the light in the cave feels like it came from a florescent bulb.

Exiting the cave, What is up with the lighting on that tree?

@3.57 you begin to tell us what to expect from this kingdom. Its a start. The decal on the stone looks very much like new early BCE stonework, and next to it flaps a pennant that looks like something out of a fairly advanced civilization. It smacks a little anachronistic but it could work

*Next you show us a stone cross, with a castle in the background. At this point I am seeing works of 3 very different parts of the real world represented and two different era’s ((maybe 3)) You can work with this. But it would need to be something to explained away somehow. As a fast improvement I would say set the cross material to something iron or the like. You need some contrast badly here.

@5.14 So far all of the stonework shown indicated a building philosophy of stout strong stone building. So that thin wall there. Make it thick.

@5.17 texture tiling aside, I look up at that walkway and I don’t know what is keeping it in the air. First make it thicker and second put in some pillars and arches, Right now I see a lack of respect for the limitations of the building materials being presented.

I also see the first hints of iron being used on that gate. That is good. But I see Iron next to what looks like refined cement, next to a very middle aged stone work. Help us lock in an era here.

Although those pictures on the wall and that rug. They look like image planes. Put a frame on them, Put a bumpmap on them to hint at cloth or wood. Something. This is a missed opportunity for story telling right there. And on that topic. Lighting and shadow, Use some. The lighting feels very ambient and florescent so far. Your lighting is a story telling tool, abuse it.

@5.24 a hearth inside with a fire on it and no place for the smoke to go. It and the swords just leaned on the wall and chair give me mixed impressions as your audience. and your swords, Use a few materials on them. A little iron and bronze will go along way to make them feel authentic

@5.30 is that a hindu wheel of dharma propped up on the wall? And why have windows with iron bars with what looks to be glass?

@5.42 Those books look almost 20th century, Maybe late 1800’s. And why so have the bookshelf made out of stone?

Looking at this, All said and done it is alright if much of what you have is stand-in art. and materials. The scene composition looks decent enough. But I would make some passes at polishing the lighting and materials/construction methouds used for your scene.