My save game isn't working properly.

Hello everybody,

My issue is that the save game i made isn’t working like it should be, it keeps reseting everything when i leave the game (In UE4, not in android).

The blueprints to save the game is in a widget’s blueprint and the variables that i need to save is in a GameInstance (As far as i know, it can save variables that is in GameInstance).

This is the blueprint to save my variables that is in my widget:

It’s in a custom event and i used the Event Tick to make it work (I mean, make it run the nodes). I have another one, but it’s the same blueprints.

I did try it inside of GameInstance, but it doesn’t work too.

What i want is to make it automatic save the game, so that’s why i used Event Tick (I don’t know if it need it) and the other is make it works and don’t reset everytime i leave.

Please help me, this is one of the final step to finish the game.

EDIT: I don’t mean that i want a load and save button, i mean that when i press play, it will show me the saved game. (Automatic save game).

It seems that it isn’t showing complete, here is the link

The False Node doesn’t work (The One that create Save Game) and the True one is working (The Load one).