My save game isn't working properly.

Hello everybody,

My issue is that the save game i made isn’t working like it should be, it keeps reseting everything when i leave the game (In UE4, not in android).

The blueprints to save the game is in a widget’s blueprint and the variables that i need to save is in a GameInstance (As far as i know, it can save variables that is in GameInstance).

This is the blueprint to save my variables that is in my widget:

It’s in a custom event and i used the Event Tick to make it work (I mean, make it run the nodes). I have another one, but it’s the same blueprints.

I did try it inside of GameInstance, but it doesn’t work too.

What i want is to make it automatic save the game, so that’s why i used Event Tick (I don’t know if it need it) and the other is make it works and don’t reset everytime i leave.

Please help me, this is one of the final step to finish the game.

EDIT: I don’t mean that i want a load and save button, i mean that when i press play, it will show me the saved game. (Automatic save game).

It seems that it isn’t showing complete, here is the link Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The False Node doesn’t work (The One that create Save Game) and the True one is working (The Load one).