My running wishlist of UE4 features

UE4 Editor:
-Pressing backspace in the Content Browser should go up one directory.

-You should be able to select a widget/control and use the keyboard arrow keys to shift its position X/Y values by one unit (similar to nudging an object in photoshop). Additionally, if you press Ctrl + [arrow key] it will move the selected objects by the amount listed in the snap value dropdown.

Super crazy wishes:
-The color picker lets you specify RGB values by either a complete hex value, or per color channel by a float which ranges from [0.0 -> 1.0]. It would also be awesome if we could specify per-channel RGB values by individual byte values [0-255], similar to how you can do this in MS-paint and photoshop. Even a little checkbox beneath the RGBA values to toggle between float and byte values would be good enough :slight_smile: I mean, if you look at the RGBA value [1, 0.753, 1,1], you can’t immediately tell that 0.753f is the same as the byte value of 192.

On colors—UE4 is a physically based renderer, the colors there can represent a wider range of colors than the byte range of 0-255

I’m not exactly sure what exactly that means, but I do get that you can represent an infinite range of color values using a float ranging from 0 -> 1.0; However, a monitor with 32 bit pixel resolution will still use one byte per color channel, so if you have the value 0.75311111111 for the green channel, it should get rounded to the nearest byte value which is (0xC0 || 192 || 0.753f) when it gets run through the shader on the graphics card.

Well, first, you can use values being higher than 1, which often gives interesting results.

Also, you can tell pretty accurate that 0.753~0.75~190/255, and it is also easy to port colors as it is just 192/255 and you have the value.

Are you sure about this with the rounding? Aren’t new monitors being advertised to have more colors which would mean that they actually make use from this, other, system.

You’d have to convert it to 1.0 gamma, 190/255 in 2.2 gamma would be converted to 133 or 0.523

As far as the colors, it’s not just the color of textures, the values change based on lighting and exposure, which is important for matching real world values. The main differences you’ll notice is with dark colors and light colors.

The thing about colors on monitors is how close they match the full color gamut, but that’s still a maximum of 16.7 million colors. Though there’s a number of developments that are trying to create displays with a much higher range of color.