My reply disappeared on the Forum transition

Hi, first let me raise two thumbs up on the new forum remake !
One weird thing I’ve encountered though : I posted a reply on the Audio discussion forum a couple of weeks ago, and it doesn’t show now, after moving to this new site.
The rest of the topic, where the composer replied and I replied back, is visible as it was before, but that first reply which had the actual answer to the question asked, along with a reference screenshot, is gone… and it’s just a bit of a pity, because it could still help some other folks :nerd_face:
Here’s the link to that post :

Hope that’s fixable, thanx anyway.

Hey @ebarkani, sorry to hear that reply went missing. We’ve heard that from a couple of folks and are investigating. Thank you for reporting!

We’ve completed a restore of the topics and posts. Does everything look as it should now?

Thank you for caring :pray: that reply, and another missing one on another topic, both came back. but for the sake of feedback - their attached screenshots did not… That’s fine, will re-upload those pics no problem. Can I edit my old posts, or should I just add stuff at the buttom of the topic ?

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Oh, that’s good to know - I’ll create a report that they didn’t return. In the meantime, you should be able to update them yourself now.