my rank and lots of others set back to newcomer on forums?

I noticed alot of users rank was set back to newcomer and it seems to have unlinked some of my older posts as when I search my posts only 3 show as me being the author?

IMO but ranks are useless (except Epic team ones) and probably should be replaced to something more useful, like real name.

Only people that need to know my “real name” is epic staff. that seems like a security risk to be honest. Say I release a game, then some guy googles the game, finds out that
I’m so and so from unreal forums, comes to my house, blows my brains out because hes a crazed fan of the game. In this world where there are stalkers and more I like to remain annonymous thanks.

and to be honest it made me feel better knowing that as i helped people on the forums and what not ranked me up so i didnt feel useless haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it was just my opinion. Ranking hard linked to posts count and only changes with it. So for me it’s just a information duplication (posts count is more representative than “Samaritan” I think).

I’m a newcomer again, it makes me feel younger!

PS. Actually… Maybe the post count would be enough without rank titles, I like things to be minimalistic though, so I’d be fine with that. Just my 1 cent.

The problem is, post count doesnt mean anything other than you talk alot.

It doesnt prove that someone is more knowledgable, nor, have any experience trying to talk about whatever the topic is.

It is a strange metric to guage for anything other than the gamifcation of the forums, which is exactly what it is.

I am in favor of keeping ranks as it was before, and provide at least an explanation on why it was reset. But above all, I am in favor of Epic staff to answer more questions, as most of the time when I am looking for something, the right answer is provided by Epic staff. And most of my questions remain unanswered, but that’s another problem…

**Joviex **How’s that rehabilitates the rank title? (which is the topic of this thread) Both are useless in Your opinion?
**uyoli **I bet it was not on purpose.

Yes, both are useless. If you are talking aesthetics, cool.

If you are talking about knowing if someone is giving proper info on here, then no, a post count and “rank title” is meaningless.

Pretty, yes.
Useful, no.

It’s a bug that occurred when we updated the forums. It’s been filed and folks are looking into it!

thankyou! and keep smiling more :slight_smile: