My Quixel Bridge Textures scales with the object

So when I scale my cube to a smaller size it’s texture (imported from Quixel Bridge) also gets smaller, this creates the issue where when I place a smaller cube next to a larger one the textures look very weird (see added imagew).
Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
Thanks in advance!

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This is the default for all materials. If you want to avoid it, you’ll need to make the material ‘world aligned’

@ClockworkOcean How does this work with Quixel Bridge Textures? I’ve tried following the tutorial you provided, but his texture and the quixel one are very, very different. Plus the Quixel texture does not have its own graph, I have to go to Hierarchy → Parent Chain → M_MS_Surface_Material to find a graph.

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You have to write your own graph, using the textures from Quixel… :slight_smile:

@ClockworkOcean, do you know how I can do that by any chance?

The vid tells you how to do it :slight_smile: