My question is that no one is answering questions in forums

i have been searching forums for my needs but i cannot find a real answer for that.most guys r giving links to unreal docs page and it’s sure they r not useful for a user who doesn’t know any thing about the case.Guys why r not u sharing your knowledge for us?

What is the question?

ok. i made xgen hair and beard for a face then exported to UE4 on to character.but groom doesnt move with facial boned animation.i did all in tutorials.

What reference did you use for it, please share it

if you want to have a facial animation for a groom, you must bind it to face. you can find it in the groom detail

forums and tutorials all around these forum pages,for example binding asset such.i worked more than 12 hours to figure it out in a day,also i work on computer on unreal to slve a little thing for days to learn. i get so so less knowledge.i work 50 hours for a thing and if i teeach it to someone then it^'s gonna take a minute.

Thank u a lot,already i have done this,and it did not work. The problem is;

i do import in UE4 then i create binding then ther er 2 ways for that first i right mouse click and attach groom to SKMesh then i do bind SKMesh binding asset but nope it doesnt work with even body bones.

The other way i select SKmesh then click add component on right details panel,then bind groom general thing then under groom thing i drag and drop the groom imported from content into grooms groom asset section under details panel then i bind my binding SKMesh asset nope it’s not working.

Then someone in this froum i saw that has written that dont create asset binding first attach to SKmesh into no Mesh bone,ok i have to click on None bone then i have to click on right details panel addcomponent thing and after clicking that i write there groom and groom comes then under groom i drag the abc file from content to groom thing’s groom asset section then i will create binding asset then i will drag asset binding to there under groom thing oh yea nope it’s not working.

THen i did like that i couldnt succeed for hair beard xgen but i created to test another body and body boned mesh in maya,then i created xgen in maya all around that test mesh then i imported into unreal

in UE4 after importing first i dragged my SKmesh with animation on to viewport and then i selected this Skmesh in viewport then i clicked on right lower details panels addcomponent and wrote groom thing and groom under that i dragged abc file on to groom thing’s groom asset section and then i created a binding asset on content browser and the dragged binding asset onto right details panel groom section ooh yeaa it did not work.

i searched forums and internet for hours and hours to get to here and tried thousand times,

BUt there was something no one told,

first i have to enable plugins groon importer and groom dynamics plugins.
Oh yea already ihave done those cuz if i didnt do that i could not import abc xgen file could i?

also this is the first knowledge yo uhave to tell to ppl like me.

THen after those fails to make work groom i searched tuts and other all around net

Then i saw unreal engine youtube channel and began to watch hopelessly.

he sait i had to untick …init in engine project settings,then i had to skin cache thing must tick ok… and then iafter unticking and ticking those two ihad to restart UE4 annd my project also i learnt that inevery project first ihave to tick and untick those two yeaaah,how hard for me to get knowlege from you u see.

it aint over…

Then ireatarted my project and did tha last method i used and oh yea the xgen imported groom file ther but noooooooo

my groom file rotation is not same as mesh but before impğorting from Maya they were in same position and same rotation so while importing both of them one by one i did use rotation both of the x rotation at 90 degree,

ookkey,till here i saw that groom’S rotation is not correct the i selected on dtails panel groom thing under mesh and orated and fitted groom to SKmesh and played

Noooooo daamn my groom works in another directed animation how it can be oooh yeaa i had to cry i was punching my desk,

i tried this several times nooo it did not do animation of groom in correct way.

Then i thought it’s about my groom file while exporting from Maya nd importing into UE4 my rotation is not correct, for 20-30 times i deleted and imported groom file into UE4 till i find the right rotation of groom file,then in my last try i did all last method and nooooo my groom’s rotation ■■■■ never gets to the the rotation of mesh ooh nooooo…

at last time hopelessly i selected groom thing under object leve from details panel and rotated the groom in viewport into correct rotation and yeaa worked.

soo someone should tell me th the correct way and still i’m suspicious when my beard groom file will work?any help?

that was only full body groom file chancely worked so how to export and import into UE4 in correct way to make groom work.
THanks for all your help