My Puzzle game can working.But my project cant.

I create a new project and build all the assets exactly the same with Puzzle example game.
My Puzzle game can working.But my project cant.
Same setting same blueprint same camera but when I play the game,I can’t active the clicked event,even tried so many way its just can’t.I have been tried changed event active with print text,and still cant.
My spawn block can work but clicked just can’t.
I scan all the setting and everything setting but I really cant find something different .

Enable Click Events in the Player Controller.

I have already enable.

Hard to tell without seeing the project itself.

Many reasons why a click may not register depending on how you’re detecting it:

  • maybe there’s a widget that consumes it
  • another actor is consuming the click?
  • perhaps the collision is not set up correctly

Can you show how you’re detecting the click?

Oh! Its my widget,thank you so much.
Really grateful.