My PSN account Connect with another account

Hello my nickname is Pepik_Zero and my PSN account Connected with another account… And i doesnt connect with another account… can you remove it please… i need to connect my PSN with my Epic Game account. Thanks you!

me to can someone help us

I had the same problem too.Please help.

MY PSN ()account Connected with another account can u please remove it

yes this happened to e to I tried to link my PSN account to my epic games but it said I had linked already with a different account which I didn’t do please help me. Archangel027 ( ps4 account jellylegs16)

hey i have te same problem can you fix it please?

Hi there,

For those using UE4 - Please use the Contact Us link below, it says Fortnite but is temporarily being used for UE4 accounts too, just select PC/MAC, select a random Game Mode, then select the Accounts option.

Fortnite users, please see below:

This website is intended for UE4 developers to get technical assistance with game development, please direct all Fortnite issues/questions to one of the following.

If you are experiencing issues with Fortnite such as crashes or account issues please visit [Fortnite Help][1]. There you will find various troubleshooting articles that will help you fix your issue. If you are still unable to resolve your issue please use the [Contact Us][2] form to get in touch with the Epic support staff who can assist you further. Be sure to include as much information as you can regarding your issue so support staff can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

For any general questions, help with Fortnite gameplay, or discussions related to the game, please visit the [Fortnite Forums][3].

Thank you