My Projects (08/07/2014)

Hi i open this thread to show my projects and my learning curve with Unreal Engine.

Projects :
1 - The tetris like game

To begin to learn, i’ve decided a few tome ago to do a Tetris like Game. And i’ve finally managed to do it. So it’s not a shooter game and it’s not as impressive as landscape or car game, but it’s a begining step ;).
I have a lot of work yet but it’s in a good way.

All is done in C++ and procedural. The goal is to allow to choose the number of line and column, the block of the tetrominoes, the color …

What i want to do is :

  • Transform the wall and the board with the use of HUD and not cube.
  • Display information with HUD and Canvas or Slate (For now the information is displayed in the left corner with AddOnScreenDebugMessage)
  • Using a plane and not a cube for the block of the tetromino
  • Create a Ghost Tetromino and maybe a hold one
  • Using music and sounds
  • Create a movable background instead of black screen
  • Better looks :slight_smile:

A lot to do but i think it is a good way to learn.

When, i am finished i could share all the code via the wiki if there is peaple interesting. And maybe do a video bue probably not in English …

So a first video :

Finally my tetris project is done :

Done with a mix of C++ and Blueprints.

For my next project (after a few tutorials), i would like to do a tic tac toe with an AI to play against the Computer and an online mode. I would like also to have a login and the possibility to save the score …

Thanks to Epic for the Video tutorials. Especially the one on C++ :wink:

Thats pretty slick, congrats, I think it would be nicer if we could see the pieces drop but otherwise cool. Look forward to seeing TicTacToe

Great work Elendil! I am a huge fan of Tetris and i am glad to see that you have created a clone of it is UE4. Are you planning on releasing this project to the public or saving it for a rainy day? Keep up the fantastic work and have a great day!

Thanks for the kind words.

You’re right Anadin, it would have been better if we could see the pieces fell, but I wanted to stop this project. Maybe later.

Thanks Sean, I might actually give access to the game and even the code of the project. I just want to be sure there is no more bugs in it. Maybe in a few days.
In addition, it will allow people to tell me if I am not mistaken in my choice of programming.

Cheers :wink:

So finally you can play with it if you want :wink:
The link here :

Maybe i’ll release also the project but i have to clean it before …

I would love to see the source of this.