My projectile changes speed depending on the character movement

Hello everybody, Im making a top down shooter with UE4 and Im having this problem where the projectile will spawn at very different speeds depending on the direction de character is moving to, if moving forward while shooting the projectiles are really slow and when you move backwards they shoot much too fast.
Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Are you sure it’s not just relativity? It really depends on what you’re doing with the projectiles. If you’re not adding Velocities together, it will never work in a realistic way.

Think about it.

In game, if you’re moving forward with Velocity 100 and shoot forward with Velocity 110 - to you it will seem as if the projectile is moving really slow - only 10 units. Those values are not added together by default, but they should be if you’re after physical accuracy.

You already carry that bullet with Velocity 100 and the gun adds another 110 on top.

In short: when firing a projectile add Player Velocity and Projectile Velocity together.

This is what you want:

Money shot around 30s mark.