My project

Helo there, I want to create a realistic magical environment in UE4,with some animation like dragon flying around emitting fire, some humans walking ,wizard doing magic ect. I do know how to create the environment but ,what i will do with animation,i can do the animation in blender and export it UE4 .some pls tell me how i can do the project effectivly

For humanoid animations, I would suggest starting with Mixamo. You may receive better advice if you move this to the Content Creation or Animation section.

Well, what you describe can easily be made in…let me see… in 10 years? Maybe…

You want to fly too high. Set low expectations or else you are not even going to finish the magic wand.
Start by creating a few assets, don’t bother too much about details, build a prototype of something playable then go from there.

That’s my advice…

yeah thanks ! i dont know about animation and timeline section in UE

Lmao…thanks for the advice