My project suddenly crashed and will not open

I was working on a damage system utilizing Custom Events and Enums. In the middle it auto saved then completely froze. I had to use Task manager to stop the program and when I tried to open the project again it will not load. there’s no error message nothing! Help! I have deadline to be finished by April 24th!

Another thing, When I tried adding the contents to a new folder, I can no longer see the maps I’ve been using as well as my Protagonist bp and my Master Enemy BP

I replaced all of the folders except for the Content folders using a new project. The project will now open but for some reason I can not see the following: Protagonist BP, Test_Terrain Map, 3 Enums used for my battle system. Could it be windows? I tried taking the project over to a new computer and it did not work on it either.

Hello liondog,

I have a few questions for you that will help narrow down what issue it is that you are experiencing.

Quick questions:

  1. What version of the engine are you using?
  2. Can you reproduce this in a clean project?
  3. If so, could you provide a detailed list of steps to reproduce this on our end?
  4. If you try and restart your computer when this error occurs does it hang and need to be forced to shutdown?
  5. Are you processes in your task manager showing that your project is running but there is nothing happening?
  6. Can you provide screen shots of the blueprints that were being used before the crash had happened?
  7. Have you tried using the backup files that are automatically generated in your saved folder to open up a version of the project before the crash?

Hello liondog,

We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will offer further assistance.

Thank you.