My project self-destructed

I’ve been having trouble with structs for a while. Nested structs in Unreal are completely broken (but judging from the rest of the posts here about that, you’re aware). Anyway, I fixed my project by remove the nested structs and it seems have been fine. Builds from editor and packages both worked perfectly. I checked in my fixed data and continued. My next step was updating a struct for my next steps. I just wanted to add new variables to it. Upon doing so, I got a crash when trying to open a blueprint that was accessing it. From this point on, I cannot open anything that i assume triggers a script build. Maps, blueprints, etc.

I of course got frustrated that once again, Unreal was unable to handle a change in a struct, but not only that it, has caused me to revert my stuff. AND now after reverting, I still can’t open anything. I deleted my whole project folder and re-synced with no luck. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do now.

I added a c++ class last week because it was recommended for easy debugging. Unfortunately I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to debug or fix my problem. Any advice from anyone here?

ok, so i got it open with Visual Studio. I found another post explaining how. This is what I got from it -

So at least my hunch was right, it looks a bp compile is crashing. And specifically, it seems to stopping on an event track from a timeline. So now that I know what is causing it, how do i go about fixing it? The easy option is to roll back the BP in question - BP_Enemy_Template to a previous version, but with all this VS fanciness, can I actually fix it from here?