My Project didn't compile

Hello, i’m develop the game to use unreal engine.
i make some actor. suddenly didn’t compile my porject.
also didn’t make the C++ project .
so i reinstall unreal engine and visual studio. but same problem happen.
How can solve this problem.
Help me pz.

Now my computer screen…

So i try make blueprint project.
and add code to project. but same problem happen
제목 없음.jpg

Hi sage8678

I’ve been looking over the code that you have provided and I attempted to debug the error myself by plugging it into the compiler and seeing what I got.
I’ve found a way to make it compile but I did have to comment out one line of code and it required knowing what function you were using in your .cpp file.
Another issue I found is that UUserWidget was giving me errors as well. This is because, by default, the module that UUserWidget is contained in isn’t included in the project files.
2015-04-27 10_22_43-MyProject - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator).png

2015-04-27 10_28_30-MyProject - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator).png

In the above pictures, the first one shows my header file that is attempting to mimic the code you provided. I was receiving errors due to the UUserWidget class before adding the text that is highlighted in the 2nd picture. Another reason you could be receiving issues (I haven’t seen your QuestManager.cpp file, so I’m unsure about this part) could be that the functions declared in this header file are not being used anywhere in the corresponding .cpp file.

Hopefully this information can help you figure out exactly what is wrong. If you need any additional assistance, please respond with a translation of your error messages as that would help me pinpoint the issue.