My project crashes on startup

Basically I’ve been working on a very small gaming project prototype. Now when I tried to start my project the project just keeps crashing. UE 4.7.1 and Windows 7. Just a very small project so it seems weird. I haven’t added any source control yet and don’t really mind if my work is gone, but I feel abit scared to keep working with UE4 instead of Unity (which never crashes for me) if the editor with this small project keeps crashing.

I had this issue a few times and it was due to a corrupted blueprint in my case MyCharacter, you can try and replace your blueprints from within the project saves folder ue4 auto saves your blueprints every so often. If you don’t think it’s due to a corrupted blueprint, it could be a null pointer issue within c++, it’s a good idea before trying to access members or functions from an object to first if(object) to insure your pointer is actually pointing to the correct address in memory as the object is stored.

Thank you for your answer! It’s probably the corrupt Blueprint, but shouldn’t there be some kind of protection against your own corrupt code/Blueprints so that you can still start the editor and fix it? I hope they add something like this! :slight_smile:

Source control is the best option for protecting your work, I suggest every time you make a major change to your game either in code or blueprints to push your changes to your local repository, that way if this happens in the future you can always roll back to a commit that indeed works. Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

I’ve tried using the Git plugin with Unreal Engine 4.7.1, but it seems really problematic and I really never know what has been pushed or not. On my Github repository things never seemed to be pushed, so I tried pushing manually: this doesn’t work either because Unreal Editor doesn’t seem to commit and check out correctly (can’t see any commits/check outs in Git Bash).
Any idea how I should do this? In Unity I just use Git Bash like in other programming projects and it works flawless. Seems really problematic in Unreal though.

I don’t use git, I use a mercurial based repository on my local network. As far as ue4 crashing on startup, I would highly suggest you use c++ rather then blueprints, one of the benefits is you can rebuild your game within visual studio if necessary and it’s easier(for me at least) tracking bugs and fixing issues with the editor crashing inside VS. blueprints are buggy in my opinion and shouldn’t be relied on, and it’s very easy to lose track of things as your project grows, not to mention c++ is approximately 10x faster the blueprints according to Epic…
I tend to do all the heavy lifting in c++ and all the trivial stuff in blueprints, and ever since I’ve taken this approach there hasn’t been any major issues with the editor, and overall performance has been better.

C++ might be the way to go, but I feel like the documentation is too bad for it to be worth my time. Unity has better documentation and doing the same thing there takes so much less code. I might give it a try again though. Thank you for all your help and tips! :slight_smile:

No problem, wish you luck with whatever engine you decide to use, it’s all a matter of personal preference of using c# or c++. One last note I think it’s worth mentioning about ue4 c++ is it has garbage collection and reflection like you would have with a higher level language such as c#. Anyways best of luck with whatever tools you choose to use to develop your game. if your resolve is strong you can only succeed :slight_smile:

Hi Steven. Just wanted to say I’ve decided to use UE4 for my new game. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help in regards to choose engine.

I still think UE4 has some problems that Unity does not have, but Unreal Engine has incredible graphical and artistic value, so I decided to go with Unreal Engine and hope to learn the somewhat more complex editor. :slight_smile: