My Project Craches on Launch!

I was working on a small project to test out blueprint and my computer crashes, as it has occasionally, but now Unreal gives me an error saying “Unreal Engine has stopped working” every time I start it from the launcher and it reaches around 90%. Is there a way to load it up from a previous save or backup file, or print up on here some kind of crash log? (In hindsight having two copies of the project might have been a good idea … Also, I misspelled “crashes” in the post title.)

Delete files from Config folder and delete de “Intermediate” folder. If it’s just that one project crashing, not any project…

I solved it by creating a copy, downgrading that copy to 4.7, and then re-upgrading it to 4.8, as far as I can tell everything works again. But I’ll keep that way in mind Bruno, thanks. (Also, I’ll start backing things up now.)