My Product I submitted in marketplace got declined saying it was "Third Party asset"

Hello. I submitted a Grass pack which I made from scratch. I took textures for my assets from I have read the Licensing condition on which clearly says we are allowed to sell 3d models in combination with textures. Please Reply.

As I remember you can use third-party content only for features demonstration. That’s means that third-party content must be 5% of your submission, but not the main part like you do.
Look at 2.2.e. 2.2.d

But I can be wrong.

Thanks for taking time to reply kind sir. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think 2.2.3 2.2.d applies on me.
I am not using third party software/content. Only the textures on my models were downloaded from Does every assets in unreal marketplace was textured by the seller going out taking photographs to texture their model, is this the norm here in unreal marketplace? Just to be sure so that next time when I make something for unreal marketplace do I have to go out and take photographs of textures for my models.

Basically yes. I have a friend who makes all content for materials by himself.
You also can draw that textures, or find a freelancer who can draw it.

And finally, when you don’t understand the situation you can always reply to the declined email and ask to clarify details. Your welcome.

Thanks a lot for replying kind sir. I really appreciate your help. I guess its time for me to learn substance designer for making textures. :slight_smile: