My Posts Always Need Approval

I’m quite new here but to date, I’ve made three or so posts on the Content Creation forum. The warning at the top says that the first time, it needs approval, which is fine. This was approved but my total post count is still appearing as 0 and unfortunately every new post I make (new thread or reply) seems to require approval. I appreciate there may be many to moderate but because my posts require approval, it has been taking a day or two for this and once done, my thread is already on page 2 so no one sees it. Is my account bugged? Thank you. :frowning:


usually only the first few posts of new members need approval then you should be able to post freely but the forum is experiencing a few bugs at the moment, the post counts of new members staying at 0 is one of them.

I’m not sure how your post count staying at 0 will effect you because you should be over the required amount of posts now to allow you to post without them being moderated but as your count isn’t increasing they might still get moderated.

if you respond to this post I guess we will find out if it gets moderated or not so we should be able to see what happens.

hope that helps a little at least.