My post has been removed? Can I find out why?

My post (in my sig) is missing from the forum:

and searching for “wheelz” yeilds no results!

I only realised this as I was intending to post an update in that thread.
Happy to start a new thread - but it would be good to know what has happened? Currently I have no idea if the post has been deleted by mistake, removed by a mod or even something else I have not even considered as an option…

I’ll assume it is a mistake(perhaps even on my part), and start a new thread if I don’t hear something sometime soon

Probably broke when updating to the new forum software. You can see that your link and the one on this page for example (address bar) are different. I heard there was some reindexing thing that was going to happen that will maybe fix this.

OK! Thanks for the info - I’ll wait for a while longer before making a new thread.