My Portfolio of 2017. [Some of the things I can do with what assets I have]

Hi, my name is D3Networking, and I’ve been using Unreal Engine 4 for a few years now with “trial & error”, “tutorials”, “concept mechanics/projects for learning”, and
attempted a few other Games myself and almost achieved only (1) project to hit the Demo stage before issues took over.

Since then, I’ve improved but am still not experienced enough to work solo.
I have been looking for a team of other(s) to group up with to get started & get going.
I don’t have “lots” but hopefully the videos below will show some of what I’m capable of.

Favourite genre(s) are Horror Games, RPG/Fantasy type games, Well written/developed FPS shooters like (Halo 3, Gears of War, ect)
Here are a few unlisted Youtube videos of some of my results

  1. Hack & Slasher *That was supposed to somewhat go further than most of my concept projects
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Some Hack & Slash RPG Project || Unlisted Video (TURN DOWN VOLUME)
Audio settings are buggy, I would recommend turning down your volume before starting this video. If you have time lol Music: Dragonball Super - Theme of Andr…

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Unreal Engine 4 Hack 'n Slash Project || First Public …
I believe the music is from Hyrule Warriors, not too sure though. It’s just some random background youtube video. Target Lock (Like Darksouls & Zelda …

  1. Random Horror project (Still thinking of continuing this one)
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[UE4] Pre-Alpha Horror Game || 8 Pages || Using Outlast Pitched Music](
Outlast for Stock Music. Not part of official demo/release/ect. Just for entertainment. lol

  1. An old FPS project, that ended up just being a Widget+Map learning project.
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DNetSpreadVirus || Menu Update (Campaign Select), Pause Menu, and Map1 Update

  1. Some “Community builder” thing that I put together when I was bored… lol