my points increase.

i have a problem and that is. my points is increase without touching anything. i do not know why. I believing it is wrong with the code or with overpass mechanic.

the code is

On a timeline, this pin

is called EVERY FRAME. So your loop here

is running 30 times, every frame.

Is that what you intended?..

no. When i beginning the game. my point increasing from nowhere and i have tried different ways of code. i have same issue.

When you say ‚Äėpoints‚Äô, what are you referring to?

an actor. sorry i was not clear.

Yes, you will have a HUGE number of actors. For the reason I stated above :wink:

If you only want 30 actors, remove this bit

it works. but i do not want only 30 actor and i know. I can just increase the number. but the actors will smash to each other. Timeline + multigate makes it avoid to smash to each other.

How does a timeline stop them bashing into each other?

i do not how. but it does. i tried it for curiosity. actors do not touch each other.

If you want more, just make the loop bigger :slight_smile:

i tried it. but like a said before. they will blend together.

The only way to keep them spread out without overlaps, is to keep a list of points already used.

i will continue coding tomorrow. But you may have solve it. I will say thank you. but if it didn’t work. i will keep writing on this line. It will be appreciate if you could help me tomorrow too. Like a said thank you for the help

No worries :slight_smile:

did i code increase points right.

Very nearly

i sorry to bother you. but i have another question. Do you know how to make two actor have a distence between each other.

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