My plugin is stuck in infinite Publishing process -> More than 10 weeks passed -> Please HELP!

I am looking for some guidance wrt publishing my plugin on Marketplace.

Almost 2 months passed since I submitted my plugin. Epic told me that they will check the plugin third-party licenses in 4 weeks time but so far no news. I pinged them many times but they never got back to me… Feels like I’m being ghosted tbh

I am really tired of waiting now. Don’t know what else to do except to make a post here and complain. Previously published 3 plugins w/o any issues. I DO WANT to ship this plugin for all users.

I believe something is broken in Marketplace publishing process as some plugins with OBVIOUSLY non EULA compatible licenses even get Promotion payments from Epic while the others (that really aim to deliver best quality across multiple platforms AND INSTANT SUPPORT) are completely ignored by Epic (edited)

Any thoughts?

I would gladly talk to somebody from Epic about the process and explain everything about licenses and how compatible they are with UE EULA and Marketplace guidelines.

Please help.

Bumping this post as they never get back to me. So frustrating…
@Tyler_X I will be very grateful if you could somehow check what is going on with the process? Plugin name is Runtime Image Loader