My player's actor destroys itself after a while

After 1 minute and 40 seconds of playing, my player’s actor gets destroyed and I don’t know why.

I don’t have any "Destroy actor"s. It also does this when I have compiled the game.

Is there any way I can see a log of what happens in my games and when they happen?

what do you mean by ‘Destroyed’? Is any of the “apply damage” events called or is it like running into a kill volume?

I do have some "apply damage"s but I also have a hud that displays the health for yourself that is updated through the event tick and it also doesn’t go to 0 when the player gets destroyed.

It is exactly like walking into a kill volume but I’m not because there aren’t any anywhere on the map.

I’ve timed it twice and it always happens at about 1m and 40s.

Figured it out. In my player, I had “Initial Life Span” set to 100 and 60+40=100.