My player pawn event tick is not firing.... Any idea why?

Just as the title says. I’ve created a blank game project in 4.24 with raytracing on, maximum quality, and with starter content. I created all my BP for Game Mode, Game State, Player controller, default spectator pawn, and a default player pawn that I created etc… to populate the world settings. In the player pawn I’ve added some movement functionality. I also attempted to use event tick to do a check on the static mesh physics object added to the pawn and it’s not firing. I’ve added a print string directly to the event tick node and nothing is being printed to the screen. Any ideas what setting I’ve missed? I can’t figure out what I’ve missed. On the pawn event tick is checked and is turned on. It is set to 0 to fire every frame. It really is the simplest pawn setup. one static mesh set to simulate physics, the mesh is set to the cube, and then a spring arm and camera. Any suggestions?