My own room remake

Hey there, mates!

My name is Paul and I’m here to overcome my fear and learn some magic of UE.
I’m finishing one of the courses now and want to glue everything I’ve learned together.

My basic idea is to vizualize my own living room, re-design it and great a beautiful show-off video for it.

Basic plan:

First steps:

Next Iteration:
Cover all of the meshes I need to construct, count the materials, gather the information and start to model them out one by one.


  • Outline for everything I will have in the scene.
  • Dymanic change of lightning.
  • Winter city view outside.
  • Composition points (for future camera).
  • Maybe something easter. ;D

Additional Soft I will use:

  • 3dsmax
  • Substance painter
  • Photoshop

Cheers! C&C welcome.