My nvidia crashes when I'm working in Unreal

So I am starting to use Unreal and 5 min or less I load my project, my graphic card crashes.
I have a Nvidia GeForce GT630M with 2GB of RAM and I’ve installed the latest version 344.60 on 04/11/2014 and it’s on date.
Someone also is getting this problem?

Hi Antilunia,

Can you post a copy of your dxdiag along with your crash logs and callstack? The callstack should appear right after the engine crashes, the crash logs can be found at this filepath:

\Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\saved\logs\

To get your dxdiag, go to your start menu>searchbar and type cmd, open the command prompt application that appears, type in dxdiag then press enter.

I had 3 creashes and there are 3 logs, so I’m posting the last one:

Here’s my Dxdiag


Your computer has an integrated graphics card, make sure to disable that so that the NVidia GT is being used instead. What is occurring is the editor is attempting to pull resources from the integrated card, which are not built to support such a heavy load. Please let me know if this fixes the error.

I’ve made the changes, but still crashes.
Here is another project where I import a static mesh and when I scale it bigger, Unreal popped out a message “your fps is low, changing to low resolution in x sec…” I hit “Apply now” and all went balck and crashed.


Thank you for your report, I have entered a crash report, UE-5126 to be assessed by our development staff.

Which version of the Unreal editor are you using? There was a video card crash that was fixed on most GPUs after 4.4.0 was released.

If your crash is related, a workaround that may work is to not select “apply now” to auto scaling options. And also not to set Quality to “Auto” under “Settings → Engine Scalability Settings”.

We haven’t been able to reproduce it yet, but we’re still looking.

Here’s more info:

For my reference, this related issue was TTP#:341870

Ok, I’ll make the changes, was using 4.4.3 version, now I have installed 4.5.1, but I haven’t used it yet.

Hi Antilunia,

After switching have you had any further trouble from this crash?

Was this problem resolved? If so, how? I have the identical spec graphics card and have the identical same problem. I know I changed to “auto” resolution, so I will test that first. If there’s anything else that could help, please let me know.

OK. Changed the resolution to “manual” low res settings and it crashed again.

Seems to crash consistently when interacting with materials in the “Details” navigation pane.

Hello DEBCal,

Would you mind making a new post for tracking purposes, as this one is outdated and reported on an older version of the engine?

Please provide us with all the information necessary for us to reproduce it on our end. This includes steps and screenshots where applicable.

Thank you,

Thanks. I’ve done so here

I should have been a bit clearer. Making a new AnswerHub post was what I was requesting. Please do so and reply with a link to that post. Sorry for any confusion.



So sorry. Hopefully I did it correctly this time.

For my own education…why is there a different ‘forum’ (AnswerHub)?

The AnswerHub is our official landing page for support where we track and collect bug reports, where as the Forums are more a community driven place to ask questions and get help.