My new short film MISSION

Hey, heres my new short film Mission.


Hey @stevefilm2 !

That was a great fight sequence for such a small time! I was pulled in with such ease from the movements and was already looking around the scenes for more hints to the story!

The only thing I will say is with the way the helicopter came down it would’ve been interesting to see the character take a step or so back before turning to run. Regardless it was still amazing! I cannot wait to see more of your work here on the forums!

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Thanks for the feedback. Ive got more to come. Cheers.


What a cliffhanger! Iclone Cruise has a fierce set of hands-on him, that’s for sure. :laughing:

Another short and sweet fan film animation in the books! Do you feel you’re becoming more accustomed to the Iclone/UE5 developing combination?

I’ve still got a lot to learn. But yes im getting better. Thanks.

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excellent !!

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Hi there @stevefilm2,

Hope you’ve been well!

Having the opportunity to see your cinematics so regularly is super nice. Especially with how incredible the fight scenes are. From seeing the Skywalker project to now this, its obvious how much talent has gone making every hit & kick feel so intense. Additionally, the facial expressions have improved by an insane amount. They feel subtle but authentic. Brilliantly done.

Thanks for continuing to share your work. Its always wildly impressive! :slight_smile:

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Thank you.