My new MP inventory system

So how you guys make your inventory system for the items and such? i used to make a item be a KActorSpawnable class thing , and it would have physics and handle all the logics of the weapon there, but now i discovered a new way with structs wich i use in UE4 wich is better for network, yes that, that you read a array of structs no need for spawning actors but pickups, how you guys do it?

Hello dude. I am not a pro like you, however, I like to talk with you guys here, so there I can learn something new. For my Inventory system, I use the default UTInventoryManager, however, I made some changes on the ammo count logic because I created a custom reload system.

The way I give player items, I made a kind of fake pickup system entirely in kismet. In example, on my map there are many health pickup items on there, these pickups are static meshes (medical pack model) added as interpret actors. Over them i placed a trigger volume so whenever the player is inside that trigger volume, it will check the health of the player. If the player health is less than 100 (the max), so it will give the player a message (play announcement) press E to pickup health. So whenever the player presses E (use key), there will be a trigger actor that will check the used condition on kismet. If so, then it will give player the ammount of health for the medical pack. Then it will destroy both the trigger volume, trigger actor and interpret actor, so the player will not be able to picukp again that item (it already picked it up).

Also, whenever the player presses the use key inside the trigger volume for the item, I play a custom animation on the top half slot of the body on which the player stretches his hand to pick up the item.

I know it sucks, however, for my game it does the job. There are many cool things you can do in kismet, easier than doing it in Unreal Script. However, the only downside of it, is that you need to repeat this logic for each map, different from UScript.


thanks for the input UDKUltimate, very interesting on how you use kismet for it, i use kismet for level specific stuff, and making cinematics, in my 7 years of UDK kismet it’s been my choice for cinematics :slight_smile: .Not for campaigns for campaigns i use unrealscript.

Yeah, I too use kismet for cinematics, however, I use it for gameplay events, like mission objectives, I create some variables that will store the state of objectives, like objective 1, complete or incomplete, and each objective in sequence will check for the last one, so this way i create a kind of old school linear game progression. In example, I have on my first mission an objective which the player needs to find a c4 explosive which is hidden and only appears (spawn) after the player kill all the enemies in one room so then after killed enemies the kismet sequence will set objective one as complete, then the kismet sequence of the c4 explosive will check if the player killed enemies, then it will continue to flow in sequence.

I mainly use unreal script for things like the weapon class itself, the custom vehicles classes, the reload system class, the AI class, my custom kinfe execution system, and so on. After diving deep in Kismet, I realized is far easier and more intuitive for me, and I am trying to do almost anything I can in Kismet, only whatever is not possible to do in Kismet I do in UScript.

who knows ultimate maybe in a while i ll do it another way though you never know ! perfection is weeeeird……