My New Map!

Hey guys,
I’ve been working hard on new map I wanted to share. It’s got mountains, swamps, volcanoes, caves, 3 spyres, just about everything The Island has…
Here’s some shots of it in World Machine. I call it: The Island

Were you thinking this island looks familar? OK, I admit, it is The Island made by Studio Wildcard from the actual ARK game.

I imported into World Machine to get a better idea of how to make my own map. Happy April 1st (april fools day)

If its OK with ComplexMinded, I’ll link to the heightmap and World Machine files if anybody wants it

The Island heightmap and World Machine Project File

The Island terrain stats
Terrain length/width: 6859px
Terrain height: 921.6m (UE4 terrain 180% scale on the Z axis)
Sea Level: 315m

looks great keep us updated

“The Island”? What island?

Looks cool though :slight_smile:

I just wondered why the Ark-Map terrain is pic of the day. And now i am surprised that you can import such good stuff into your “sandbox” to play around with and learn from :slight_smile:

Great! Keep it going!

This is a fantastic starting point. A+ look forward to more

Hilarious how many people dont even read the full post and just look at pictures. This is the original ARK map called The Island. He said that he got it into WM to do some research. Jeez, people, he is not working on it. This map already exist and you played probably tons of hours on it.

How did an April Fools joke end up as a picture of the day. 10 days after April 1st even.


Before even reading that this was from ARK. I was like Hey! I know this map lol. I think I spent to much time playing that game if I can just tell by placement of things what it is haha. Kudos on the WM workflow. Its amazing software :slight_smile:

Really very nice pictures. I tried myself to get a similar view like the overview part on top within the Ark Devkit but failed to get it working. Probably the missing experience with the software. Also tried your files with World Machine which gives a good overview but not as much detail as your screenshots. I’m looking for the same map-like screenshot with a higher resolution (for an A2 printout) but failed to find any really good source for a such detailed isometric map without already added markers. If anyone can give a hint on how to get something like that (withhin ark dev kit or anywhere else) i would be really grateful.

Duke I like this very much, it’s a really nice piece of work. I’ll be quick, tried to message you but cannot work how. I’m doing a fishing map [see for example] and I need something lovely and detailed like this. Can I use it? Or, do you want to do something with it together? We could do all the overlays for caves, drops blah blah - and FISHING. Can we make it a 3D thing, that you can swivel around and zoom in on? Just a thought :smiley: