My name is Alexis Ramirez I'm a (3D Artist) (Concept Artist) (Experience with Unreal Engine 4)

Here is my set of Skills

Skillset(s): <3D Character Artist> <3D Artist> <3D Weapon Artist> <3D Clothes Artist> <3D Armor Artist> <Environment Artist> <Blueprint Scripting>

(4) Years of Experience with Unreal Engine 4

(15) Years of 2D Concept Art Design

(8) Years of 3D Design

Here is my Portfolio:

Check me out on Sketchfab: Chirp3D (@Chirp3D) - Sketchfab

Contact me here:

Additional Information: I am willing to negotiate a Price for Pay.
I Speak English & Spanish.
I am available full time on wednesdays & Sundays.
I am unable to Travel.

Comments welcome!
Serious replies only please.