My music catalog in a ZIP file!

Are you looking for some music!?
I have arranged a ZIP file in with all the **demo **of songs/packs/SFX I have on unreal marketplace.
It also includes a PDF file with the descriptions and all the mp3 demo (with watermark) of my assets…

you can download it directly from here:

You will find my music in my unreal page:

let me know! :slight_smile:

Im confused, are you giving away your marketplace content for free?

No, it’s a demo of all my content. The songs are watermarked, sorry for the confusion… I edited the post.
I also tried to edit the title but it seems it does not work…

may i bump my demo? :slight_smile:
you can find all my audio collection in a convenient ZIP format and you can preview all the music/sfx in their actual form.
these file just have a watermark, that will be of course removed in the version purchased on the marketplace.