My model has no texture inside UE4

i’ve bought a 3d model from Turbosquid and when i select “Viewport shading” to “Material” it works.
But when i export it to FBX there is no texture at all.
I read on the web that FBX, OBJ etc are files that contain only meshes and not textures.
So i need to export a JPG/PNG texture from Blender and glue the mesh and the texture together inside UE4, right?

If this is so… how do i export the Texture from it?

Yes, you need to unpack the textures from Blender before you can add them to a material in UE4. So the topics you want to Google and watch on YouTube will be something like, “How to unpack textures from Blender”, “Importing FBX models from Blender to UE4”, and probably, “Create material instances in UE4”.

You are sure there are no Textures in your package? Unfortunately you must bake the blender Textures to the UVs. Then you can use them as Textures. But actually the PBR Features are only Blender internally.In future when you buy models for ue4 look for "PBR-Roughnes- Metallic"Textures.

There are definetly textures in the screenshot of the model. Looks like a diffuse texture and maybe a normal or bump map. They need to be unpacked and saved. Then they can be imported into UE4 and used for a material.