My Mod Keeps Crashing My Game, Any Ideas?

Hello! In my quest to google a solution to my problem I found this sub forum. I created a mod that adds new skins to the game but every time I play the game with my mod it crashed before entering the game and I dont know what I need to do to fix it. Im testing it in a single player game, with my mod as the only mod in the mod list so I know its not another mod. I can also play the single player game after I take my mod out so it’s for sure my mod. I have also tried:
-completely deleting my mod from disk and re downloading it
-verifying the game files
-taking out items I thought were problematic and re-cooking the mod
They all throw me the same error and I cant find anything online about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Attached is a snip from the error window that comes up when I CTD.