My mod is not stacking.

I guys I’m new here and today i was trying to make a mod that replace normal nades with a nerfed one, I want to disable it in the server (high rate) to prevent fast raiding. I’ve already disabled the EngramEntry in the config file.

The mod works fine in single player and in the ADK, but when i start the local server with this mod there is no effect in game. The description and title of the mod is here but is not working, still able tu use the nades. Any help?

Is it first in the list to see if it is even working? Did you kill your player to possibly update the engram list? I know some things are held in the player until death sometimes… my ui changes require death. Also are these old Nades? Cause ones built previously will likely hold the original values.

Would a TC be required for this? It sounds like you’re wanting to replace the in-game grenades on your/the server. Anything that replaces, needs to be a TC to take effect, especially with servers.

I believe it’s akin to the stacking mods and servers, it’s been noted that it seems to only work as a TC which also then requires a different approach to how the mod is created.

I can’t say for certain, but also try what Vindomire has suggested, especially seeing as you’re tinkering with the player inventory.

Just my thoughts.