My mod idea for Compertion need some help from official Devs

Hello People

I am going to try and enter the competition that ark survival evolved Dev’s just opened so here is what my idea is and I am wondering if it is possible

So my idea is to add a 3D Model Jeep or Car that will be drivable by the player that owns it crafting the car will be expensive of course and it will be crafted in a new workbench of some sort for now called ‘The Car Factory’ inside of here you will be able to craft a couple parts Engine,Body,Wheels,GearBox,Pedals,Seats these parts will have different requirements so for example the body of the car will require a lot more metal then the Wheels just like the smithy a player will put materials inside of the new workbench and then start crafting , because it is a car crafting speed will be longer then anything other in the game encouraging people to level up there crafting speed also I forgot to mention that The Car Factory and all the Car Parts will be a lvl 80 - 90 engrams , in total the crafting time of The Car Factory and Parts will be around 2 full in game days , once the player has crafted the car parts they will not be able to take out the parts from the car factory since they will be super heavy I am thinking of doing something like 50 - 75 weight per part so a player should leave them in the car factory after all parts are crafted a player a additional note would be in the The Car Factory GUI the item will be sorted in folder so car parts , cars , fuel after car parts are all made a player needs to unlock the actual jeep engram after that a player can craft it this will be the longest part of the crafting process taking up to 5 in games days (as they say : Rome was not built in a day neither was a car :P) another note to remember is crafting these items will give huge amounts of exp to all players near the workbench after the long wait a player will receive 2 items the actual Jeep/Car and car skeleton helmet to show that they legitimately crafted a car they car will way around 200 weight while in inventory so place it down as soon as possible once placed down the player can press e to get inside and drive around the ark world

Planned Features/Extras for future

A fuel system so you have to fill car with gasoline before usage

Car keys (to use car player must have keys in inventory)

A fully working speedo gauge built into gui

More types of cars

Add roads and bridges

Add mountable guns on cars

And any more idea you tell me in comments

I hope you like my idea for my competition entry as you can work out this is a very in detail mod

If anyone has any way of helping me it would be much appreciated as I do want to try and get in the top 3 and win a prize if I don’t get in top 3 I at least want to be in top 10

I need some modellers and some help from official Devs

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


That’s a cool idea for a crafting setup. A few of us are waiting until the devs release their example buggy and we can add our own vehicles in properly, so we’ll figure it out together. Until then, you could get started on the rest of the system. The build-on saddle should help with the mounted guns once it comes out. (That’s my plan at least.) Roads and bridges would be pretty cool, my only tip for that is to look into using splines to make them.

Hey,Well Thanks for replying i need some help with me making this crafting system so if you could help me i would appriciate it (this is my first ark mod )

Sure, I’ll try to answer any questions that that you have as you go along. Personally, I found this very helpful as a starting off point TUTORIALS-ARCHIVE-(including-Video-Tutorials!)

There should be an update of the dev kit with an example buggy vehicle next week. That should help your project a lot Cookie ! :slight_smile: