My mod for the competition -- need some help from official Devs

Hello People

I am going to try and enter the competition that ark survival evolved Dev’s just opened so here is what my idea is and I am wondering if it is possible

So my idea is to add a 3D Model Jeep or Car that will be drivable by the player that owns it crafting the car will be expensive of course and it will be crafted in a new workbench of some sort for now called ‘The Car Factory’ inside of here you will be able to craft a couple parts Engine,Body,Wheels,GearBox,Pedals,Seats these parts will have different requirements so for example the body of the car will require a lot more metal then the Wheels just like the smithy a player will put materials inside of the new workbench and then start crafting , because it is a car crafting speed will be longer then anything other in the game encouraging people to level up there crafting speed also I forgot to mention that The Car Factory and all the Car Parts will be a lvl 80 - 90 engrams , in total the crafting time of The Car Factory and Parts will be around 2 full in game days , once the player has crafted the car parts they will not be able to take out the parts from the car factory since they will be super heavy I am thinking of doing something like 50 - 75 weight per part so a player should leave them in the car factory after all parts are crafted a player a additional note would be in the The Car Factory GUI the item will be sorted in folder so car parts , cars , fuel after car parts are all made a player needs to unlock the actual jeep engram after that a player can craft it this will be the longest part of the crafting process taking up to 5 in games days (as they say : Rome was not built in a day neither was a car :P) another note to remember is crafting these items will give huge amounts of exp to all players near the workbench after the long wait a player will receive 2 items the actual Jeep/Car and car skeleton helmet to show that they legitimately crafted a car they car will way around 200 weight while in inventory so place it down as soon as possible once placed down the player can press e to get inside and drive around the ark world

Planned Features/Extras for future

A fuel system so you have to fill car with gasoline before usage

Car keys (to use car player must have keys in inventory)

A fully working speedo gauge built into gui

More types of cars

Add roads and bridges

Add mountable guns on cars

And any more idea you tell me in comments

I hope you like my idea for my competition entry as you can work out this is a very in detail mod

If anyone has any way of helping me it would be much appreciated as I do want to try and get in the top 3 and win a prize if I don’t get in top 3 I at least want to be in top 10

I need a modeller and some help from official developers

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

They plan on releasing the ability to add a mobile system into the adk for modders but as of right now all you could probably do would be to add the meshes in.
Dont quote me on this i am just surmising from some of their community threads on steam.