My mod doesn't stack

Hey everyone,

I made a mod that adds healthbars to the game but it can only run when it is the first in the active mod list.

Here is a list of files I childed and then what I changed in those files:
(New empty level) [Healthbars]: WorldSettings->PrimalGamedata Override: PrimalGamedata_Healthbars
(PrimalGamedata blueprint) [PrimalGamedata_Healthbars]: Changed GameMode to TestGamemode_Healthbars
(GameMode blueprint) [TestGamemode_Healthbars]: Changed HUD class to ShooterHud_Healthbars
(ShooterHud blueprint) [ShooterHud_Healthbars]: Added variables and made an event graph

Does anybody know how to make a mod stackable?

Thanks in advance!

Just to clarify you subclassed everything, correct?

i thought copying was subclassing it… this is confusing as heck… I feel the OP’s pain the tutorials are very specific to those areas at best and most are outdated… im used to being able to write mods in notepad++ on a tablet if i want to. This blueprint system is confusing to start then things that work in the editor dont work in the game… so it is really hard to track down if your doing something wrong and what (unless again im so clueless i dont know you can read some sort of error log somewhere to tell you why your mod isnt working)