My MetaHuman mesh is broken

My MetaHuman character’s neck is shown as broken mesh. Other character is same.
I try check mesh and texture but can’t find what is matter.
How to fix this?
Please help me.

Did you modify the original material? it seems kind of pixel offset

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I didn’t modify anything. That MetaHuman is just downloaded at quixel bridge in UE5.

There is in the marketplace the main metahuman project, maybe you can download and see if it happens :thinking:

If is not the material is so weird…

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Project file is normal. So i will try other skin in MetaHuman creator.

But try to import your metahuman to metahuman project. Because if it works is something in your project… like a plug-in or variable…

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You were right. The problem has been resolved by import to MetaHuman project. Thank you.
But i found another issue. When i import as Low quality, it don’t show body mesh. but medium quality is works well.

Ok I found exactly what is happening, it just happens to me! Here the variables to fix it!


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