My menu buttons are flickering

I have a weird issue and I hope someone can help. I created a UI menu and it all went fine. I’m now creating a new menu and I’ve come across a weird issue. My buttons, when the mouse hovers over them start flickering on and off. All of them do it, even the ones I haven’t animated yet. The animations would work fine if the buttons weren’t flickering.

The weird part, they also come up with a box to the left of them. I can get rid of the box by turning the hover and click to None but the flickering persists. Can anyone help? I’m at a loss right now. Googling the issue isn’t coming up with anything, but people talking about checking your lighting system, but I’m using UI Widget Blueprint so that’s not applicable.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I think you need to show a bit of code…

Zanki335: I have the same issue… Did you solve it!?
ClockworkOcean: I think you don´t notice what is the problem, there is no code to show because is only a button and when the mouse hover the buttons they start to blink and change with the button box in the top left corner.

I hope anyone can help!

Could be, very hard to tell without any vid etc.

It could be a video card issue, or a setup / coding issue. Very easy to make buttons flicker, if you’re updating them on tick in some way.