My media player only shows a black square!

So i’ve seen a lot of people online are facing this issue however I have not seen a viable solution. Everytime I add a video or my webcam feed into the media player it only shows a back screen. My decoder was set to WmfMedia.

Since then I have added ElctraPlayer to the decoder however it now only shows me videos, it still does not work with a webcam. Is there anyway to fix this?

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Make sure you have the right format. Some cameras produce multiple settings.
Check the Settings button in the lower right of the viewer

We’re having the same issue and have found that the camera works fine in UE4 but just seems to be showing a black square in UE5 with the same assets.

We’ve even tried using SnapCam which just has been reported as a workaround for incompatible camera hardware however it results in a black square in UE5 whilst in UE4 camera content worked fine.

So I found a workaround too, if you go into project settings and type in directx you’ll see something come up that was Directx12 just change that to default and the cameras work.


I had the right settings, it seems like it’s a bug in UE5


I’m pretty sure it is. I’ve been bouncing between all sorts of “fixes” but am ultimately still left with a black box, not rendering my PNG sequence :frowning:


Tnx! worked for me

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