My Maze Game

Well, I guess it’s about time to post my progress on my maze game. This is a simple, casual game…my first. So that’s why it’s simple:)
I started a blog on it, so I won’t clog the forum with it (unless requested).
Please take a look when you can and let me know what you think. I always welcome questions and comment (positive or negative).
Thanks to Crocopede and Rama for some personal help with some issues. I have some issues left, but it’s getting close to playable!
As I progress, I’ll get video as well as more screen gabs of my BP’s.
take a look:

Time to necro-res this thread! I have posted some videos on my YouTube channel that goes through the process of making my maze game. It’s pretty basic stuff, but might help someone out there.
The INTRO is here: a-Maze Game Intro
It’s just an intro to who I am, what I do and about the a-Maze game.
The “meat” comes in at the first video: 1 - Starting the Game
The videos that follow cover some real basic materials, blueprints and UMG stuff. It’s all pretty simple stuff, but the reason behind the video series is to “document” my process.
There’s probably some info that might be incorrect or could be done a better way. PLEASE let me know when you see something like that.
The series is still in work, so it’s not complete. I have to basically redo the whole game just to make the videos, so it’s taking some time.

Total of 10 videos posted now…
Besides the ones posted above, there are now:
Importing Assets
Basic Materials
Basic Blueprints
On to Gameplay!
Adding a Timer
The First UMG Widget - the Timer
A Simple Matinee
Setting up the Save Game stuff
Saving values to the Save Game
The next few videos will cover the Menu system and how it closes the game play loop. It puts all the prior stuff together. I’ll touch on some sound stuff too.
When I get those done, the progress will be up to date and I’ll press forward to some cool effects and publishing.

New video is up, showing my menus used for gameplay flow in the individual levels.
The Menu System - Basic UMG stuff

New video is up!
12-Level Select Menu
This catches up to my current progress on the game.
the purpose of the video series is to document the process and (hopefully) show how some things are done.
again, if you watch these videos and have questions or advice, please leave them in the video comments, on the forums here or in a private message.
I hope I have helped some folks out at least a little!
Next task will be the options menu, the some particles, audio, etc.
In the end, I’ll tackle packaging and publishing!
Thanks for watching!