My Material is not Normal

Hello folks,
I have been having a problem getting the result I am looking for from this material I am working on. As you can see from the screengrab I have attached, the pink material that I have in the wall insets is supposed to look the way you see it in the round pillar. I have two textures of b%w stripes that move in opposite directions creating a slow pulsing of lights across the inset.

There are two problems with it as it is.

  1. The black and white textures I am using are actually creating alpha transparency wherever anything but white is showing. I just want the texture to affect the level of emission, not transparency.

  2. The texture is stretching across geometries whose normals aren’t facing a certain way. I think it has something to do with needing to tell the material to align the texture to the geometry normals so that it is not stretched. But I can’t figure out how to do that.

Any suggestions? I have also attached a screengrab of how I have the material set up so far.

  1. not possible with what’s shown. The material isnt using transparency or masking.
    If you see holes, i would look closer at the normals on the mesh itself.

  2. what? And also, what is the exact idea of using vertex normal as the UV?

Unwrap your objects so that the line always falls in place.
make a specific texture with the line in black so you can isolate it.
use the texture in a lerp, so you can replace 0 with the pink.

at that point, if you need the pink to be dotted up, you just modify the texture.
you can replace specific colors with an IF statement.

A texture, B .01
== red
<= hot pink
>= albedo texture

Also, using Textures and proper unwrapping is much more performant for the material VS using any WPO or Vertex Normal node, since they both parse either all vertex or all pixels.