My marketplace item price is cut off :(

See my item (The very left)? Well, unfortunately the price is cut off :frowning: I realize that the name is a little long, but the name fit the max length provided by Epic. I think it would be nice if this was fixed (I don’t really know what else to say).

Well, its not ideal but I don’t understand why you are not happy about it :rolleyes: It surely boosts your sales because people will click on it just to see the price, and even people who would not have clicked on it because the price is too high for them will now click on it :cool:

So it obviously needs to be fixed because you have an advantage at the moment, but I don’t get how you can use sad smileys.

Added newly discovered marketing strategy into notebook, neat :smiley:

Lol, I figured that if anything, people would just move on past it, but if I have an advantage, it’s fine by me :smiley:

Just make sure some of the words are long enough that it forces the next word to wrap down onto the next line, haha.