My maps Shows Strange Textures when i play them :(

Why does all of my maps I create have strange texture colors like light greens and purple ground colors? Other then this problem my maps seem to run just fine. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

Please include a screenshot of your problem, it will be much easier for us to diagnose

Here is some pics. Any idea why my ground texture looks this way? Because in the editor it looks normal.649c349e2eb76563ee80717f12e0dacd1440e4f2.jpegcd2b50c20c90153ee88f5aa552ede9c9b0017a95.jpegcfb630fe51499ff8beb716e75f597f2d892ee78a.jpegc92e77891ea19db91eb0184f7cf07597367560df.jpeg

seems like crappy normal map … ooh, the landscape is textured with a normal map instead of the diffuse map, something like that… dunno enough about this devkit (or this unreal engine v.) to give a real solution

As Cao said it looks like the normal is plugged into the Base Color Slot of the landscape material. Can you post a picture of the material you are using?

Here’s the Materials I’m using PrimalEarth/Enviroment/Landscape/Beach_Sand_01_LayerInfo, PrimalEarth/Enviroment/Landscape/Shared_Grass_01_LayerInfo, PrimalEarth/Enviroment/Landscape/Shared_Cliff_01_LayerInfo, I’m not sure what would be causing this problem ive tested my lighting and shadowing thought maybe that was the problem but nothing as of yet. Could my install have been corrupted? Cause ever map I make they all come out the same. Strange that I don’t see these problems when I’m in the editor. But only when I play my map in singleplayer in the game.

When you made the terrain what did you set its material to? Material for terrain is not a single texture but rather a set of them that each represent grass, sand, etc.

Is your landscape in a sublevel similar to TheSmallIsland example? I had all sorts of unanswered lighting issues when I file imported my landscape to the main/top level, but copying the dev example and importing at the sublevel seems to have cleared many issues up that I can tell for now.

Mat_TheIslandWithMasks_inst, Was the Material I used. And Landscape Hole Material was Mat_TheIslandWithMasks_Hole_Inst

You are using the wrong material that is why (pretty sure). Use the Mat_TheIslandWithMasks_Inst_Hole as the main landscape material and leave the Landscape Hole Material empty (since the main material you are using has the hole accounted for in the material). That should fix the issue I think.

I think the reason it is acting up here is because of using two in tandem like that

Regular terrains should have the two materials applied, one without hole and one with hole. I’ve had it working previously like this. Try making a new terrain in a separate level, and see what happens. Something just seems screwy heh

I use these settings and its fine, this is also the settings they use on theisland



Thanks Sinarisinestro It worked what you said Just use Mat_TheIslandWithMasks_Inst_Hole as my only material. And it made my terrain normal as it should be :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the help man! I would have commented earlier but just been adding on to my map lol